On 15 June, Matrix Communication Pvt. Ltd. hosted a successful meetup on digital entrepreneurship in collaboration with IDE Pakistan (shaping careers) and Kickstart (Co-working space) to highlight the factors behind entrepreneurial mindset.

Fortunately, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world and 70% of our 180 million population is under 30 years of age Internet penetration among the masses has increased considerably over the last four years to 17.8%, with 13.5 million mobile broadband subscribers, and 125 million mobile phone subscribers. This boils down to the fact that Pakistan has a largely younger demographic with internet connectivity which makes them well-equipped to solve issues particularly through the use of technology. With the factors mentioned earlier, Pakistan needs more than 2 million jobs to accommodate its growing population, which seem quite impossible for us. Pakistan cannot entertain people who are looking for jobs but we need to develop such entrepreneurs who will be able to provide jobs.

In the digital era, it is a quick approach to get started with your own initiative but Matrix Communication took a deeper step by finding the answers to help the entrepreneurial models succeed. Being a business organization we feel responsible to support fresh startups by organizing informatory meetups and seminars where people can develop linkages and obtain the most useful data and facts during such gatherings.

This Meetup was attended by well recognized personalities of Pakistan including Mr. Yusuf Husain, CEO Ignite, Ms. Fatima Asad Said, Regional Director, Abacus Consulting, Mr. Muhammad Moazzam Shahbaz, CEO Naqeebz Consultancy and Founder of Academia Industry Linkages Forum, Ms. Ayesha Mumtaz, Founder, HOP Orbits, Ms. Shameelah Ismail, Founder, GharPar, Mr. Mudassir Malik, CEO AppsGenii Technologies, Mr. Amin Shah Gilani, CEO & President, Payload Technologies.

“I truly appreciate the efforts of Matrix Communication Pvt. Ltd. and IDE Pakistan to step forward and organize a meetup where people are able to interact with successful entrepreneurs and find solutions to validate their business idea”. Said, Mr. Yusuf Husain, CEO Ignite

Ms. Fatima Asad Said, Regional Director, Abacus Consulting added “Technology is a powerful tool to uplift unemployment crises in Pakistan, we must take advantage of becoming a populous country with younger demographics.”

The objective of this meetup is to promote and encourage Digital Entrepreneurs and develop entrepreneurial mindset in Pakistan. To address this Mr. Muhammad Moazzam Shahbaz, CEO Naqeebz Consultancy and Founder of Academia Industry Linkages Forum, emphasized on developing linkages between incubators and academia to support young entrepreneurs.

“We believe in utilizing our assets in planning, development and identifying better opportunities for the entrepreneurs with maximum support and skill amplification trainings.” Said, Mr. Muhammad Moazzam Shahbaz

Matrix Communication believes in transforming the ideas into reality by supporting entrepreneurs and inviting them to our meetups. The basic idea behind this vision is to conform to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to grow sustainable communities.

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